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Applewood Trading started its UPVC manufacturing operations in Johannesburg in 2010 to manufacture UPVC window and door frames and other related products. Our products are underwritten by FIRATPEN, a leader in UPVC products.


We employ local and European trained experts who help to transfer skills and knowledge gained over many years in Europe, where these systems have been manufactured and fitted for many decades.


Our imported machines boast the latest technology available today and produce high quality products and designs as anywhere in the world.


In addition to manufacturing and distribution, Applewood also provides installation services for its window and door frames.


Applewoods distribution network extends to all

Southern African Countries.


With its strong supply and technical support from FiratPen, the Company is aiming to be one of the leading companies in its industry within the SADEC region.


The range of frames launched in South Africa will be extended in due course, as demand increases


Our colour range of three colours will also increase in tandem with the product variety.

FIRAT was established in 1972 to produce products in the field of plastic construction materials. FIRAT, has always followed its principle of Quality Production at All Times" and quality product diversity, and has managed to become "the leader of the sector", exporting to a number of countries due to its serious enterprising approach.


With its plastic-based technology, FIRAT produces for various sectors like construction, agriculture, automotive, medical and white goods. It carries out its manufacturing process for these sectors in its factories of 650.000 m2 in total in Istanbul- Buyukcekmece and Ankara-Sincan. FIRAT owns one of the five biggest manufacturing complexes of Europe.


FIRATs products are offered to the market with FIRAT Quality Assurance Confirmation. FIRAT holds international quality certificates such as RAL GOST, SKZ, EMI, DVGW, TSE as well as ISO 14001, OHSAS

18001 and ISO 9001 system certificates.


FIRAT products achieved a high customer satisfaction rating in more than 60 countries and as such

obtained a distinguished place in the markets.




FIRAT achieves its perfection status through its reliable, strong, easily accessible and easy-to-use products and consistent after sales support,










Unplasticised _ rigid


Poly _ polymer based


Vinyl _ plastic


Chloride _ petroleum based + salt









In addition to above materials, other agents are added to the mix to provide:



1. Better binding of materials used, and solid structure for better durability.

2. Aesthetic surface, heat and UV stabilizer.

3. Glossy colour finishes.




Under high temperature, Polymers are mixed and extruded to transform them from a powder to a melted form.


The melted raw material then goes through molds designed to get the desired shape of profile.


Once UPVC takes the shape of the desired profile, it is cooled and cut into size.


It is now ready for packing.












By using Environmentally Friendly Production Technologies since its founding, FIRAT has proved its sensitivity toward environmental health. Its Environmental Management System established in 2002, is considered as one of the best. Applewood complies with this system.


Upon obtaining the TS EN ISO 14001 2004 (Environment Management System) certificate from SGS in 2003, FIRAT had its sensitivity toward environmental health confirmed in national and international setting.


FIRAT not only retains its established environmental consciousness within its organization but also transforms this consciousness into an environmental policy and shares it with its neighbours, suppliers and customers, such as Applewwod. FIRAT holds regular seminars for its end-users, 95% of the products of FIRAT consist of re- cycled re-processable materials. It sends its non- household wastes and non-recyclable waste products to Disposal Facilities licensed by the Rep. of Turkey, Ministry of Environment and Forests and uses recycling processes in these facilities.












To be compliant with all national and international Environmental Legislative Directives and Environmental Regulations, FIRAT fulfills all its legal liabilities and declares statutory assessment reports to the relevant Ministry.


FIRAT was awarded by ISO (Istanbul Chamber of Industry) with the Environment Incentive Award for its environmental project drawn up in 2006, which always gives precedence to the importance of environmental health and demonstrates the necessary sensitivity in all its investments.









We provide different architectural features with their aesthetic appearance as well as suitable solutions to your decorative expectations. Furthermore, circular and different bending between 60cm-190cm diameters are also accommodated in our special manufacturing departments. We manufacture a wide range of choices, such as main, auxiliary, and natural wood designed lamination coated units which excellently match with all kinds of project designs.


















Thermal Insulation


Air and dust seal


Sound Insulation


No maintenance


Cost Efficiency



Corrosion free


UV resistant


Strong structure




Better Security


Solid colour throughout


No paint needed ever


Easy cleaning






Proper acoustic and heating insulation and functionality of PVC window and door systems, is only possible through use of correct seals on the system.



We use the most natural raw material, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) for seals on our PVC door and window systems. The reason is that EPDM seal is the single seal that has resistance to sunlight-air oxidation, ozone-

induced cracks, shore hardness range of 30-95 at temperatures between +130 C -40 C, having irreversible deformation values for sealing on the system under excessive wind pressure.















Reinforcement steel is one of the fundamental parts of our PVC window and door systems, forming a bearing structure of the system and giving resistance to the plastic profile.



On PVC window and door systems, the reinforcement steel ensures proper bonding between the different parts of the systems and secures the hinges firmly with the plastic profile, giving the plastic profile its shape and ensuring it maintains its structure for a very long time.









In general, accessories consist of metal, zamac and plastic parts such as handles, hinges, espagnolette, etc. which are the moving and mechanical parts of a PVC window system.



Zamac is consists of basic metal, containing a mixture of zinc, aluminium, copper and magnesium. As zamac is resistant to high impact and load, no breaking is seen with the zamac- based product. Hinges, counter plates and

mullion connections are produced from zamac raw material with chemical structure as per DIN












All raw materials used for FIRAT products are subject to entrance quality control tests. No-lead raw materials are also used for production of PVC door and window profiles. Thanks to our modern production line, the raw materials used for production of PVC profiles are transferred to profile without any contact with air. All raw materials and rate formulations used for PVC window profiles are regularly tested by international independent laboratories and our own laboratories. Mixture of raw material used for PVC window profiles are certified by the German RAL quality association.



The seals, which are one of the most significant components for heating and acoustic insulation on PVC window systems and manufactured at our own plants, are made of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) as raw material. EPDM seal is the single one that assures sealing in the longest time in the most quality manner and it can be used without any problem for long years as it has very high irreversible deformation rate.






TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) seals are generally used with self-sealed profiles. It is possible for TPE seals to be produced in different colours. We, as Fırat, produce white-colour seals, with grey-colour TPE seals.

Thanks to Fırats own-enhanced technology; the

3-layer-produced TPE grey seal shows much more high performance than ordinary plastic seals.

Each of the 3 layers has a unique formula and raw material. It has a permanent deformation value of 35-40%. The Plying area is soft plastic, the middle body is hard plastic and the vaulted cheeks which are installed through profiles are composed of poly-propylene.

TPE grey seal, which is inserted to profiles tenaciously by mechanical solutions, ensures great easiness to the product because of easy and secure welding with profile at the source of thermo fix. It can be fixed to the profile during the window production process because of the layers within.

TPE grey seal meets the class values of EPDM rubber seal in the air permeability and wind pressure resistance performance tests.













Frame Profile






Sash Profile









Mullion Profile






Door Profile

































For more information, kindly contact Cobus, Gokhan or Baker at our offices

Applewood is able to manufacture various designs of doors and windows.